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Where to RV in the Winter

With a myriad of outdoor adventures across the various part of the state, most of the resorts and RV parks are operating during winter season. They provide owners of RV adequate opportunity to admire the natural environment right in the comfort of their RV. But before you step on the pedal, there are things that you need to consider to make sure that you will enjoy this winter adventure. Make sure that you already add antifreeze into your water tank, install and replace the insulation in your skylight, roof vents and window. After you checked the integrity of your RV, it is now time to find where to RV in the winter. Here are some of our recommendations.

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Waterfront, Potlatch

Regardless of the season, the Waterfront located at Potlatch offers its visitor a stunning view of scenery. It is comprised of 12 sites aside from the 3 roadside that will provide a limited view. This is a nice place to visit on the off chance that your RV is not packed with equipments. You will definitely appreciate the wireless internet, cable, and the on-site laundry. With the nearby tourist destinations such as Olympic National Forest, Olympic Park, Lucky Dog and the Golf Course at Lake Cushman, this definitely deserves a spot in our list of where to RV in winter.

Quinalt Rainforest

In case you are looking where to RV in the winter that is close to the city, Quinalt Rainforest would be the best place to go. This place is just 2 hours away from the Olympia, and it is the most adored natural area in the state. This rainforest is majestic sight regardless of the season but the perfect time to go on sightseeing on the waterfalls is during the winter. There are 31 sites that accommodate RV during the entire year. Be sure to come in early since the place is a first-come, first-serve basis.

Silver Cove

Do you want to go on a snowshoeing on an eye-catching location? If yes, then Silver Cove is where to RV in the winter. The Silver Cove situates at the Silver Lake is renowned for boating fishing and hiking. The site offers various amenities which include a boat launch and a Wi-Fi. Its propinquity with the awe-inspiring Mt. Saint Helens makes it one of the most sought after destinations during winter season. There are also restaurants, wineries and breweries nearby where you can enjoy the local craft beer.

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There are some factors that can affect the availability of the campgrounds such as elevations. Make sure to check if your destination is widely available. RV camping may seem to take a huge amount of efforts, but once you find the ideal place on where to RV in the winter, you will realize that it offers a unique and exciting experience.

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