Ultimate Guide of Which RV Brands
are the Best When Buying Used

There are numerous different brands of RV’s on the market today, one is hard pressed to know which RV brands are the best and which one will last longer, be worth the investment and had a solid time tested resilience. These considerations are understandable and should be looked at with a microscope because an investment, even into a used RV, can be pricey.

Buying a used RV is a great option when you don’t want to spend a small fortune, but simply want to get out on the open road and share some memories. When you are on the hunt for a used RV you need to make sure and do ample research on which RV brands are the best, which stand up to the test of time and where are you looking to buy it. There are several websites and forums for those looking for used RV that can give sound advice and guidance.

You can search online for used RV dealers, ask in forums and website comments and even find fair market value online when you know the make and model number of the RV you want. After you have found the RV you desire, make sure to do a background check on the vehicle for any accidents or repairs, do a walk through and test drive it, otherwise, it could be money down the drain.


Airstream has a long history of making people happy for decades, and every inch of their RV’s are customizable and usable, functioning space. The company’s philosophy says it all “let’s not make any changes, let’s only make improvements.” The first Airstream to come off the assembly line was in the nineteen thirties is still carrying adventure seeking people on long, joyous road trips today and has proven to stand up to the test of the environment and father time.

Lazy Daze

This manufacturer boasts quality over quantity and has developed and manufactured top of the line luxury motor homes and RVs that are extremely durable but come in affordable prices. Lazy Daze is not about mass production of spotty quality, but of creating a comfortable and modern space for those who enjoy the open road while sitting in the lap of luxury, and if you’re wondering which RV brands are the best when buying used, I would look for quality over the quantity of them sitting in a used RV lot.


Another quality minded manufacturer of state-of-the-art RV’s that put their motor homes through demanding quality audits and testing before they leave their floor. If you are wondering which RV brands are the best when buying used, then Pleasure Way RV’s will not disappoint.

If you desire to not spend hundreds of thousands of dollars but want to get out there and experience America in comfort, safety, and style, then any one of these RV’s should suit your needs. Stop wondering which RV brands are the best, and do your own research and don’t forget to check the previous owner’s RV driving background of accidents or repairs, and you could be driving around America in no time.

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